Graphic stationary for wedding and other Events

At Jasmim em Flor, all the graphic details related to your event are elaborated. From the invitations, bookmarks / table plans, missals, the memories of the guests, among others, all the details are thought together with the bride and groom so that this day is a day of dream and much love.

Weddings, parties and events

It idealizes and concretizes the floral decoration for weddings, parties and events. From floral arrangements to wedding tables, bridal bouquet, lapels, bridesmaids' corsages, civil and religious ceremony decorations, among others.
The floral arrangements, always made up of fresh, seasonal, national or imported flowers are handpicked according to the preferences of the customers and their aspirations. Thanks to the creativity and delicacy of Margarida, each arrangement is unique, giving a personal and exclusive touch to she’s works and creations.

Diverse floral arrangements for various occasions

We perform individual floral arrangements for your home, to surprise or to honor someone, whether private clients or public entities. You can place your order directly in the or by order by mobile phone or email.