Dear Margarida,

Please see attached some pictures from our wedding ( I think they are the best flower pictures from our collection)
you are welcome to use them on all of your social media, website, photobooks etc.
Thanks again so so much for our fabulous flowers. They were exactly what we wanted and I will cherish the memory forever.


Marian and Damien

Ola margarida.
Quero agradeçer te todo o trabalho e dedicação.
Amei o meu bouquet ficou melhor do que imaginei. Ficou fantastico e tão amoroso. Muito obrigada por tudo.

Rute Hilário

Trabalho fantástico o da Margarida " Jasmim em Flor " !

Obrigada pelo trabalho maravilhoso realizado no meu casamento, estava tudo lindo!

O meu bouquet foi simplesmente perfeito, tal como imaginei que seria!

Obrigada pelo teu profissionalismo e simpatia Margarida ! Continuação de um excelente trabalho!

Beijinhos Marta Guerreiro

"Your services to us on the day were 100% plus more"
Hi Denise,

Where do we even start.. We are sitting in the old town enjoying our last few hours before we go back to Toronto. We can't even put into words how amazing the last two weeks were for us! I know Mark and I probably annoyed you to the end with our endless questions but you were so patient and understanding with both of us! Denise, your services to us on the day were 100% plus more. There was not one thing that didn't go to plan, and all of our guests were amazed at how easy the day was. This is no doubt down to you and the co-ordination of your wonderful colleagues.

The reservations department, Nickie, Orlando, Silvio and his band, Leandro, the florist Jasmim em Flor, Natacha and her team of drivers, Sharon and Joana, everything was fabulous from beginning to end and for that we are entirely grateful!!

Please let us know the best place where we can review you all, we will gladly recommend you all to anyone who asks. Again, words aren't enough Denise!

Yvonne & Mark