About Us

Ana Margarida Santos

Creativity makes the difference!

Formed in communication design at IADE, inspiration and creativity do not lack! Everything that Magarida performs, since the simplest floral arrangements to the most pompous wedding, everything is nicety done, with great detail and professionalism.
Her training as a graphic designer gives more value for her daily work as a flower designer.

The desire to create something unique and unforgettable, together with the passion to satisfy her’s customers, are the key elements for her store make the difference and create ties of affection with the customers, always attending to their tastes, needs and aspirations.

Jasmim em Flor is a space led by Margarida Santos, where creativity has no limits, giving wings to the imagination and creation of projects of all dimensions.

All the work of Jasmim em Flor is the result of the dialogue with the client, according to their tastes and preferences, respecting their needs and their budget.

In the shop she prefer to work with fresh seasonal and national flower, but resorts fairly easily and whenever it is needed to all types of imported flower to compose in complete detail the final work, ensuring the right flowers in a perfect setting.

Dedicate herself to floral arrangements for any situation, but her passion is the floral decoration of events and weddings.
It is in this way that Margarida is motivated and dedicated, making the days happier and more colorful for everyone around her.
She says she wants to remain creative, perfectionist and different!